Web Hosting Pricing

Our web servers are located on high speed 155 Megabyte BGP4 multi-homed OC-3 fiber optic links and they are connected directly onto four of the most important American backbone providers. This offers you the security of knowing that your web site will be accessible 24 hours a day even if one link goes out. Redundancy is reliability! Add an uninterruptible power supply to that and you get a stable and secure site that never goes down.

We offer reliable web hosting at an affordable price. Also available are the following services: DNS parking, record proprogation, and reverse DNS if needed.

FTP access, java plugins, php, cgi, and sql databases on request. Get your very basic website online today, for only $499.99, this includes all setup and startup fees.

Premiere Web Hosting Plan #1
1GB Transfer/Month, 100MB Storage, 10 Web Forwards,10 Mail Forwards, Unlimited FTP Access, yourname@thicomm.com e-mail address, thicomm.com/yourname address, Optional site backups @ 5.99/week. $21.99/month
Premiere Web Hosting Plan #2
5GB Transfer/Month, 250MB Storage, 25 Web Forwards,&NBSP 25 Mail Forwards, Unlimited FTP Access, yourname@yourdomain.com e-mail address,www.yourdomain.com address, Optional site backups @ 1.99/week. $31.99/month
Premiere Web Hostin Plan #3
10GB Transfer/Month. 400MB Storage, Unlimited Web Forwards, Unlimited Mail Forwards, Unlimited FTP Access, your name@yourdomain.com addresses, Free site backup weekly.