Computer Services We Offer

Don't have time to take your computer to the store and wait around for them to fix it, or worse have to leave it and then come back and pick it up? Don't worry, we come to you!! With our speedy pickup and delivery service, you don't have to waste your gas, worry about sitting in traffic or wait in long lines. We charge only $50/hr for most computer work.

Computer Solutions


Diagnostic with free pickup and delivery $69.99
Wipe / Reinstall $99.99 + Operating System

Wireless Networking

$149.99 + Hardware + Labor

Peripheral Setup


Anti-spy ware Install


Virus/malware/adware Cleaning $49.99

Anti-virus Install

$69.99 (including software)

Memory Install

$49.99 + hardware

CD / DVD Drive Install

$49.99 + hardware

Hard Drive Install

$49.99 + hardware

I/O Card Install (video,sound,network)


Data Backup


*Starting at (Combine with wipe/reinstall package for only $149.99)